World Family Trading is so called because we believe that All People on this planet comprise a Family … a Single Family.

Since we generally do not live this way, our Task is – to make this Truth a Living Reality.

There is a war  –  a great War of Ideas  –  raging all around us.  And in us.

One of the most important ideas currently under contention is – whether it is possible for the people of the world to enjoy wealth and health without anyone being exploited.  On this world – colonization, for example, has typically involved exploitation.  But we are beginning to understand what wealth is and where it comes from.  If exploitation, in all its forms, is unnecessary – then it should be forsaken, outlawed,  and replaced by more life-supportive practices.

World  Family Trading intends to be a conscious participant in this battle.   We want to make goods, services, information, and ideas available …  while maintaining our commitment to the principles of sustainability  –  cooperation, decency, truthfulness, and service.  We will treat others the way we would wish to be treated.

Dharmic economics  –  economics that upholds life.

When you deal with World Family Trading, you will be treated like Family      because you are Family.


Look through the products we offer for sale.

There are many factors which make a given product more (or less) ‘green‘ – it’s carbon footprint … energy expenditure … is it local? … is it recyclable? … is it made from recycled materials? … did the people who made it receive a fair wage? … etc.   We also take into account  –  is it educational? … does it promote wonder? /or foster appreciation for the world of Nature? … does it fill a basic need? … is it a bargain? … is it beautiful?

Nature bats last.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Nature bats last

Please participate. We NEED each other.

Familiarize yourself with what’s here.

Perhaps you would like to contribute to developing a vision … a plan.                 Let us hear from you.