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A Hero in the War


Simon Sinek is a hero in the great war … the Great War of Ideas.  

(You can look here  –   for a bio)


I have watched a few of his TED talks, and I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Sinek is extremely valuable … to ALL of us.  He is truly – a hero in the great war.


He has a degree in Cultural Anthropology.  But I doubt whether his “studies” are altogether responsible for his remarkable ability to see into what is going on around us.

In any case, he has this ability – to understand things at a deep level.  And it’s just priceless.


Everyone sees the world.

But when a Visionary looks at the world, he sees more.  He (or she) sees what ‘normal’ people see, but they understand it more deeply.  Their individual Recognitions are able to be enriched and deepened by the Context (their Personal Paradigm) that they have (developed in advance, and then) brought with them.


Sinek relates – that once, in an airport, during the boarding process – he observed a ticket agent yelling at a passenger for trying to board early (not in his proper group).  And Simon asked her – “Why do you have to treat us like cattle instead of like human beings?” And she answered – “Because I could lose my job!” From this reply, Sinek realized that she did not feel safe, that she was afraid of her superiors.


Sinek says that it’s the leader – who sets the tone.  It’s the Boss (in any company or organization) who is responsible for the psychic ‘environment’ within which everyone in that group must operate.  The leader’s first responsibility is to create SAFETY. And if he (or she) does a good job of that, then Trust and Cooperation will (automatically) emerge.

If he does a poor job (of creating safety) then the employees will spend a great deal of their time, attention, and creative energy … just to protect themselves.


Even though Sinek seldom uses the word – “sustainability” he nonetheless, does an excellent job of explicating the Nature of Sustainability.


(Though it is not the norm) Sinek says that the ideal boss / leader actually cares about the people on his team.  And he is able to convince them – that he cares about them as people (rather than seeing them as a resource that just happens to be human)


Sinek is actually promoting (helping us see the importance of) FAMILY.


(And now I am paraphrasing him, but) what he is saying is – that If we are to be Sustainable … we need to be a family.




You see?


He’s a real war hero.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    (Good leaders make you feel safe – Simon Sinek)    (as a Leader, start with Empathy, and Know what Game you’re playing  – Simon Sinek)   (Simon Sinek  – Leadership [& chemicals])




In case you are interested in why some people are visionaries, I’ll include here some information (from Paper 36 of the Urantia Book) on the Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits.  (please take note of the final bit of information in this section)


5. The Seven Adjutant Mind-Spirits

36:5.1 (401.5) It is the presence of the seven adjutant mind-spirits on the primitive worlds that conditions the course of organic evolution; that explains why evolution is purposeful and not accidental. These adjutants represent that function of the mind ministry of the Infinite Spirit which is extended to the lower orders of intelligent life through the operations of a local universe Mother Spirit. The adjutants are the children of the Universe Mother Spirit and constitute her personal ministry to the material minds of the realms. Wherever and whenever such mind is manifest, these spirits are variously functioning.

36:5.2 (401.6) The seven adjutant mind-spirits are called by names which are the equivalents of the following designations: intuition, understanding,courage, knowledge, counsel, worship, and wisdom. These mind-spirits send forth their influence into all the inhabited worlds as a differential urge,each seeking receptivity capacity for manifestation quite apart from the degree to which its fellows may find reception and opportunity for function.

36:5.3 (401.7) The central lodgments of the adjutant spirits on the Life Carrier headquarters world indicate to the Life Carrier supervisors the extent and quality of the mind function of the adjutants on any world and in any given living organism of intellect status. These life-mind emplacements are perfect indicators of living mind function for the first five adjutants. But with regard to the sixth and seventh adjutant spirits—worship and wisdom—these central lodgments record only a qualitative function. The quantitative activity of the adjutant of worship and the adjutant of wisdom is registered in the immediate presence of the Divine Minister on Salvington, being a personal experience of the Universe Mother Spirit.

36:5.4 (402.1) The seven adjutant mind-spirits always accompany the Life Carriers to a new planet, but they should not be regarded as entities; they are more like circuits. The spirits of the seven universe adjutants do not function as personalities apart from the universe presence of the Divine Minister; they are in fact a level of consciousness of the Divine Minister and are always subordinate to the action and presence of their creative mother.

36:5.5 (402.2) We are handicapped for words adequately to designate these seven adjutant mind-spirits. They are ministers of the lower levels of experiential mind, and they may be described, in the order of evolutionary attainment, as follows:

36:5.6 (402.3) 1. The spirit of intuition—quick perception, the primitive physical and inherent reflex instincts, the directional and other self-preservative endowments of all mind creations; the only one of the adjutants to function so largely in the lower orders of animal life and the only one to make extensive functional contact with the nonteachable levels of mechanical mind.

36:5.7 (402.4) 2. The spirit of understanding—the impulse of co-ordination, the spontaneous and apparently automatic association of ideas. This is the gift of the co-ordination of acquired knowledge, the phenomenon of quick reasoning, rapid judgment, and prompt decision.

36:5.8 (402.5) 3. The spirit of courage—the fidelity endowment—in personal beings, the basis of character acquirement and the intellectual root of moral stamina and spiritual bravery. When enlightened by facts and inspired by truth, this becomes the secret of the urge of evolutionary ascension by the channels of intelligent and conscientious self-direction.

36:5.9 (402.6) 4. The spirit of knowledge—the curiosity-mother of adventure and discovery, the scientific spirit; the guide and faithful associate of the spirits of courage and counsel; the urge to direct the endowments of courage into useful and progressive paths of growth.

36:5.10 (402.7) 5. The spirit of counsel—the social urge, the endowment of species co-operation; the ability of will creatures to harmonize with their fellows; the origin of the gregarious instinct among the more lowly creatures.

36:5.11 (402.8) 6. The spirit of worship—the religious impulse, the first differential urge separating mind creatures into the two basic classes of mortal existence. The spirit of worship forever distinguishes the animal of its association from the soulless creatures of mind endowment.Worship is the badge of spiritual-ascension candidacy.

36:5.12 (402.9) 7. The spirit of wisdom—the inherent tendency of all moral creatures towards orderly and progressive evolutionary advancement.This is the highest of the adjutants, the spirit co-ordinator and articulator of the work of all the others. This spirit is the secret of that inborn urge of mind creatures which initiates and maintains the practical and effective program of the ascending scale of existence; that gift of living things which accounts for their inexplicable ability to survive and, in survival,to utilize the co-ordination of all their past experience and present opportunities for the acquisition of all of everything that all of the other six mental ministers can mobilize in the mind of the organism concerned.Wisdom is the acme of intellectual performance. Wisdom is the goal of a purely mental and moral existence.

36:5.13 (403.1) The adjutant mind-spirits experientially grow, but they never become personal. They evolve in function, and the function of the first five in the animal orders is to a certain extent essential to the function of all seven as human intellect. This animal relationship makes the adjutants more practically effective as human mind; hence animals are to a certain extent indispensable to man’s intellectual as well as to his physical evolution.

36:5.14 (403.2) These mind-adjutants of a local universe Mother Spirit are related to creature life of intelligence status much as the power centers and physical controllers are related to the nonliving forces of the universe. They perform invaluable service in the mind circuits on the inhabited worlds and are effective collaborators with the Master Physical Controllers, who also serve as controllers and directors of the preadjutant mind levels, the levels of nonteachable or mechanical mind.

36:5.15 (403.3) Living mind, prior to the appearance of capacity to learn from experience, is the ministry domain of the Master Physical Controllers.Creature mind, before acquiring the ability to recognize divinity and worship Deity, is the exclusive domain of the adjutant spirits. With the appearance of the spiritual response of the creature intellect, such created minds at once become superminded, being instantly encircuited in the spirit cycles of the local universe Mother Spirit.

36:5.16 (403.4) The adjutant mind-spirits are in no manner directly related to the diverse and highly spiritual function of the spirit of the personal presence of the Divine Minister, the Holy Spirit of the inhabited worlds; but they are functionally antecedent to, and preparatory for, the appearance of this very spirit in evolutionary man. The adjutants afford the Universe Mother Spirit a varied contact with, and control over, the material living creatures of a local universe, but they do not repercuss in the Supreme Being when acting on prepersonality levels.

36:5.17 (403.5) Nonspiritual mind is either a spirit-energy manifestation or a physical-energy phenomenon. Even human mind, personal mind, has no survival qualities apart from spirit identification. Mind is a divinity bestowal, but it is not immortal when it functions without spirit insight, and when it is devoid of the ability to worship and crave survival.



Also, I’d like to suggest that you have a look at the poem (‘A Blessing’)   that I’m adding today to the Reference section /(Poems).

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