Zoey-A'J tea set

Why Me?    Why Us?

In as far as the planetary crises which beset us are fundamentally  spiritual problems, they require spiritual solutions.

The founder of World Family Trading (pictured above, left) – that’s me – A’Journe Spyker.  I am a philosopher and teacher.  I’ve had some training and experience in business; but to be honest, that’s not really where my heart is.

My greatest concern is that the Human Family may inadvertently commit self-genocide … simply by not choosing survival.

If we survive, it will be due to a (new) willingness to look at our situation squarely and a great deal of communication; also – new policies, institutions, and economic incentives.  Survival will require better choices than the ones we have been making.

The problems which confront us are so immense that they (of course) seem overwhelming … and hardly soluble … so – ‘Where to begin? … and HOW ?’

I say (with confidence) – that the way to begin is         [NOT with all the Answers, but]      with commitment.

Simply – let us commit to the path.