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Don’t argue.

It isn’t necessary.

          –   Al Jenkins


I would like to be able to say something half-intelligent about how Reality is structured  – which allows us to be able to understand (anything) deeper … and then deeper again.

Or maybe it will turn out to be (largely) a phenomenon of the WAY we come to understand things.  (It’s too early for me to tell. However, I intend to make progress in this area.)



here are some examples –



Look beneath racism and you’ll find materialism.


Look beneath economic activity and you’ll find cooperation (giving) and emergence.


Look beneath the ethics of the super rich and you’ll find arrogance, delusion,alienation, power addiction, and tunnel vision.


Look beneath the rug and you’ll find all the dirt we’ve swept there.


Look beneath the surface level of society and you’ll find there are planners … and plannees.


Look beneath water and you’ll find hydrogen and oxygen.


Look beneath light and you’ll find an interaction between the electric field and the magnetic field.


Look beneath differences and you’ll find lots of similarities.


Look beneath a religious pursuit of financial wealth and you’ll find rebellion ‘self-sufficiency’.


Look beneath the acting out of a child and you’ll sometimes find a parent trying to repress that same pattern.


Look beneath paternalism and exploitation and you’ll find a sense of impunity.


Look beneath our failure to take care of our ecosystem (our planetary life-support systems) and you’ll find a sense of exemption (pathological optimism).


Look beneath the trees and you’ll see the forest.


Look beneath the forest and you’ll see the web of life.


Look beneath the fear of death and you’ll find a fear of life.


Look beneath activity and you’ll find the laws of nature.


Look beneath your thoughts and you’ll find silence.


Look beneath fundamentalism and you’ll find ignorance.


Look beneath fear and you’ll find a dangerous person.


Look beneath love and you’ll find someone who’s trying to make the world better.


Look beneath our preoccupation with consuming, sports, and fashion, and you’ll find The One Percent pulling our strings.


Look beneath the belief that cheating & exploitation are necessary and you’ll find it is not true.


Look at “I can change things” and “I can’t change things” and you’ll find both are right.


Look at “My happiness comes from the outside” and you’ll find that it does not.


Look beneath “I’m not responsible” and you’ll find it is not so.


Look beneath rebellion and you’ll find lack of trust.


Look beneath the lack of trust and you’ll find a lack of knowledge.


Look beneath selfishness and you’ll find a lack of desire for the truth … and poor taste.


Look beneath humorlessness and you’ll find a lack of balance and authenticity.


Look beneath (what is commonly agreed upon to be) reality and you’ll find a great deal of folly.


Look beneath a lie and you’ll find a desire for advantage and control.


Look beneath any form of mistreatment and you’ll find it is not sustainable.


Look beneath sustainability and you’ll find that it is our only path to survival.

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