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Gender Balance


What would happen if one woman told the truth about

       her life?

    The world would split open.

                                  –   Muriel Rukeyser
                                               (from her poem – Käthe Kollwitz)




Businessmen, they drink my wine

Ploughmen dig my earth.

There’s not one among any of them

Knows what any of it is worth.

                              –    Bob Dylan
                         [from “All Along the Watchtower”]





In the Minoan civilization (re 2700 – 1600  BC) – men and women were equals. Women (as well as men) owned businesses.  They vaulted bulls in the arena (as did the men).

There was a lot of art (and none of it was signed).  There was elaborate plumbing. Tall palaces. The people there were happy.


It would be nice if we could say – that we live in a gender-balanced world … only we don’t.


According to NPR – in this world

         women   do ⅔  of the work,

                              bring home 10% of the pay, and

                                   own 1% of the property.


It was not all that long ago – that women were regarded as property.


Western Civilization is a Warrior Cult and an Old Boy’s Club.  Mmm?


Our relationship with the Feminine (with women) – is reflected reliably into our relationship with the Earth … the Great Mother.

These things are all bound together.


As it is, everything is run by (a handful of) multinational corporations.  And THOSE are run (I’m pretty certain) – by a few MEN.


And these men live in ‘a world’ wherein MADNESS is commonly accepted as the ‘Normal Way We Do Business’.


Our laws favor the super-rich (the Ruling Corporations).  The future of our grandchildren is being sold … in favor of short-term gains to the 1% … (probably a TENTH of 1%).  We are handing over the welfare of our planet … for profit (simply). And that profit is going to people who do not need it anyway.


It is unclear – who is the more insane :  the Super Rich (for ruining the earth) … or WE (the 99%)  – for ALLOWING IT.


We should NOT THINK … that there are NO ALTERNATIVES !!


Here is a little excerpt from Ernest Thompson Seton’s “The Gospel of the Redman” –


The Old Onion Seller

In a shady corner of the great market at Mexico City was an old Indian named Pota-lamo. He had 20 strings of onions hanging in front of him.

An American from Chicago came up and said: “How much for a string of onions?” “Ten cents,” said Pota-lamo.

“How much for two strings?” “Twenty cents,” was the reply.

“How much for three strings?” “Thirty cents,” was the answer.

“Not much reduction in that,” said the American. “Would you take 25 cents?” “No,” said the Indian.

“How much for your whole 20 strings?” said the American.

“I would not sell you my 20 strings,” replied the Indian.

“Why not?” said the American. “Aren’t you here to sell your onions?” “No,” replied the Indian. “I am here to live my life. I love this marketplace. I love the crowds and the red serapes. I love the sunlight and the waving palmettos. I love to have Pedro and Luis come by and say `Buenas dias’  and talk about the babies and the crops. I love to see my friends. That is my life. For that I sit here all day and sell my 20 strings of onions. But if I sell all my onions to one customer, then my day is ended. I have lost my life that I love – and that I will not do.”


You see?  


Sanity is a possibility.


We should all commit – to (truly) loving our women … and loving the Great Mother

(‘cause – if Mama ain’t happy … ain’t NOBODY happy)




Chris Hedges says he lived with the Super Rich.  He watched them. He found out how they think.

[If you haven’t watched it yet, you should watch his talk  –  

               (Chris Hedges –  The Pathology of the Rich)]



Also … you may wish to see the film – “Iron Jawed Angels” (2004, w/ Hilary Swank).

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