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Commit to Sustainability

If we are to survive, we’re going to have to Do Better.  Currently our species behaves as though we are actively pursuing the destruction of the planet.  Our present course in not sustainable.  We are failing to care for our Great Mother.  And – ‘If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.’

The fact that we throw trash out our car windows – is Not Good.  The trash itself is probably not of great consequence.  But as an indicator, it is serious …   a Bad Sign.  It means that we do not feel connected to those very systems which keep us alive (Mmm?) – and this is a Bad Problem.  And it could well ‘take us out’.  We need to realize what we’re doing … and the likely consequences of such behavior.

In a way – the term ‘Sustainability’ is a euphemism – because it is a more pleasant way of talking about what we need to do to survive!  What does Sustainability offer us?  It offers us Survival !

Sustainability = Survivlal.      Therefore, we need to commit to sustainability.

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