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Our Religions


According to World Watch Magazine

poverty could be eliminated

with an expenditure of 1% of the Gross World Product.


And (according to NPR)    WOMEN

   do ⅔  of the world’s work

       bring home 10% of the pay, and

           own 1% of the property.





The population of the earth (as of right now) is about 7.7 billion.



Let’s have a quick overview of the Human Family … with respect to religion.


Christianity                31%


Islam                         22%


Hinduism                  14%                               –   [the only (major) religion    which has no founder]


Buddhism                 10%


There are many other religions besides the ones listed above … just as there are numerous (nearly countless) sects   within each of these major religions.


You have (if you’ve followed my blogs) heard me talk about the Great War of Ideas … and the importance of it.  But I am not interested in our Religious Diversity as a phenomenon of the War of Ideas.  I think we’re much better off if we (instead)   celebrate our religious diversity.


It seems to me that all these religions are good.


It doesn’t much matter  what we believe.

What matters is    (and the Question is)    can we work together?


The materialistic scientist and the extreme idealist are destined always to be at loggerheads. This is not true of those scientists and idealists who are in possession of a common standard of high moral values and spiritual test levels. In every age scientists and religionists must recognize that they are on trial before the bar of human need. They must eschew all warfare between themselves while they strive valiantly to justify their continued survival by enhanced devotion to the service of human progress.

                                                            – The Urantia Book p. 1457 [paper 132:1.4]


If we fail to do this  (work together, putting our [unimportant] differences aside   to try to save this world) … we will rue it.

(Even if we should succeed in many other ways … become Very Wealthy, or whatever)




About 10% of Christianity  (the Orthodox Christians) follow the Julian calendar; and these will celebrate Christmas in a few days (on what many of us consider to be Jan. 7th).  To youMerry Christmas!   And I invite you to have a look at my post of 2 weeks ago (if you have not already seen it).  Consider it a [music laden] ‘Christmas card’.

(And if you have already seen it [and if you love music as much as I do] … you may want to visit it again, as I’ve added more songs.  Some of these songs, I’ll admit, are not ‘strictly’ Christmas songs, but I’ve included them because of their fine spirit.)


Happy New Year,  ALL !




Reference  (Paper 131 from the Urantia Book:  “The World’s Religions” [beginning on p. 1442]) :

Or perhaps (if your first language is Russian, or if you speak it better than you do English):  

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