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State of the Union

The best politics is right action.                                        

                                                     – Mahatma Gandhi







I write this article on the eve of our nation’s 243rd birthday.  Big party tomorrow.


Even though it’s a mid-week celebration (no long weekend), we’ll still spend (an average of) $75 each (on food alone – 6.9 billion dollars) … and over a billion dollars just on fireworks (mostly made in China, of course … That’s roughly one pound of pyrotechnics for every American man, woman, and child).


Should we believe that this is a display of True Patriotism?  … or are we still (in our minds) – adolescents, attending a High School Pep Rally?


~~~~~~~~~~~~~   [ The Condition of our Society  :


We continue to confuse Reality with Materiality … (and therefore, we ) –

continue to oppress our minorities (lessers) – Native Americans, Blacks, and Latinos.  This program is (merely) consistent with the intentions of our Founding Fathers. It was NEVER okay (with European Americans) – that Indians should live (ANYWHERE in North America) AS INDIANS … EVEN THOUGH they were ALREADY HERE.  The (many) treaties we entered into with Indians … have proved USELESS to them.

Blacks mainly got here because they were kidnapped and BROUGHT here … as PROPERTY (slaves).  Emancipated 156 years ago (in 1863) … but not really. Racism can not be legislated.


Hispanics … don’t talk right … and they’re too dark.   Same with Asians – they LOOK funny; and some of them TALK funny.


Is this (blanket) racism based on Real Data?  On Research? OF COURSE NOT!


It deserves the same amount of respect as any other childish fabrication.  (Kids, playing in the Sand Box … they make things up: ‘If you fart, I get to hit you.’  … things like that.


Wouldn’t it be nice to Grow Up?


[Ref:   ]




We continue to maintain laws which (clearly) allow (or support) planetary degradation.




We continue to uphold (and use) a pathological design for Corporations.




We continue to auction off our own government to the highest bidder –

We grant to Lobbyists:  free access to our Congressmen.


Should we imagine that these lobbyists are Humanitarian and altruistic?  These people are NOT volunteers. They are PAID. And who pays them? And WHY? 


[The average Lobbyist salary in Washington, DC is $124,329 as of June 27, 2019.]


These folks are hired by corporations … to make money for that corporation (by making Deals with OUR LEGISLATORS.)


It isn’t NEWS.  (Maybe that’s why we don’t talk much about it.)



Ralph Nader figured out (in the 60’s, I think) – that the Vested Interest Groups are HURTING US.


It’s simply due to (ordinary) selfishness and greed … (so, if we continue to permit it, it will continue to happen)



And what is the Best Predictor of “Who will WIN an election”?  MONEY … their campaign budget.

And yet, we continue to allow corporations to donate funds (without disclosure) toward the election of whatever candidate they think will be in their best interest to win.

There are planners (the corporations) … and there are plannees (us).


The reason we have (in our language) words such as ‘whore’ – is because we believe that

there are certain things which should NOT BE FOR SALE.


Why should we think that (under these current conditions) our Government will SERVE US?




Our Education System continues to be undermined by the Super Rich.  


That all citizens should develop Critical Thinking skills – would NOT serve their interests.

(Why would they allow such a thing to happen?  They WON’T, if they can help it.)


[Ref:    (Chris Hedges  – The Pathology of the Rich) ]


We should understand that there is NO REAL DIFFERENCE between the Super Rich (individual people) …

and the corporations that they own and operate.




We have sent off our Brightest and Best young people … to seek their fortunes.


We have told them that – “Money isn’t everything, but it’s way ahead of whatever’s in second place.” … and they have believed us … and that’s what they’re doing.  Instead of doing whatever has to be done to save this planet from destruction at our own hands.  

If we ruin this world, we commit (also) Self Genocide.


“Here Kid, drink this Kool-Aid.  It won’t hurt you. 

 Heck, we already drank it, and look at us!”


To save this world from oblivion … SHOULD be the Project of EVERYONE WHO has ANY POWER AT ALL.  (including all Governments, all Churches, all people … even all Corporations)






We continue to fail to realize – that SURVIVAL is one of our Choices




Tomorrow … I shall pray.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    (Four Horsemen)    (interview w/ Ralph Nader, Feb. 2017)    (Why America isn’t the greatest country in the world)

“The Shawnees and the War for America”  (book, by Colin Calloway)    (Thrive)

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  1. I’m amazed, I have to admit. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s both equally educative and engaging, and
    let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The issue is
    something that too few folks are speaking intelligently about.
    I’m very happy I stumbled across this in my hunt for something regarding this.

  2. I quite like looking through a post that will make people think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

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