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We Can Choose to Survive





                                                     “The sun is a powerful man.  If he dies, everybody dies.”


                                                                                                                              –   Dersu Uzala


How do we restore our ability to dream?  

And – how do we restore (or establish) a heart connection with each other and with the planet?  –  the Great Mother – the upholder of All Life?


Were we not taught, in School – that ‘Knowledge is Finished’?

Inadvertently perhaps … but I think we were.

It’s not true though.

Knowledge is not finished.  The World is not finished.  You (and I) are not finished.


Rumi says –


You should try to hear the name the Holy One has for things.

There is something in the phrase:  “The Holy One taught him names.”

We name everything according to the number of legs it has;

The holy one names it according to what is inside.

Moses waved his stick; he thought it was a “rod.”

But inside its name was “dragonish snake.”

We thought the name of Umar meant: “agitator against priests”;

But in eternity his name is “the one who believes.”

No one knows our name until our last breath goes out.


We are a work in progress !              Mmm ?


I hope to God our laws are not finished !

How can it be – that we have laws which support or permit planetary degradation?

WTF ?               What the Hell is that about?


Is it lack of attention?

Pathological Optimism?


A Sense of Exemption?  Do we imagine that we are exempt from the Universal Laws of Nature?

Gold Fever?



Perhaps it is all of these.  But whatever it is … it is  Madness !!


Suppose this –

What if all Americans should declare themselves Planetary Citizens … and amend the US Constitution – making it illegal to destroy the planet  –   such that any citizen could, through the Court System, seek an injunction against any corporation (or actual person) or group engaged in activities harmful to the life support systems upon which we all depend.  The plaintiff would submit evidence and argument and, if necessary, procure experts to support their claim.  And the court’s job would be to determine whether the claims of the plaintiff are legitimate.  If the court finds for the plaintiff, the court would order the defendant to cease the destructive behavior.


Our courts are already accustomed to using expert witnesses.  And we already have a broad precedent – that of Eminent Domain.  It is not unusual that a state or a municipality will (lawfully) take private land from a private citizen (with compensation) – when a greater general need outweighs the rights of that individual, the current owner.

Many of our laws exist to protect the rights and property of individuals.  This is, of course, a good thing.  But the rights of any individual (or corporation) should not override the common welfare.


Anyway … what do you think would happen if there were a real attempt to pass such a law ? – making it illegal to destroy the planet – as a First Principle?

I’m pretty sure that the opposition would be enormous.


But hopefully, such an effort would generate considerable discussion and thought.  And how much thought should be required ?  – before it becomes clear that Life itself is more valuable than profit (even if the money which could be made were of a very great amount).

Some people take the position that the harm their actions are doing the planet will not manifest till after they are dead!  Such nonsense is just another version of madness; and this argument surely would not hold up in a court of law.

We are all accountable for the predictable results of our choices and actions.  Mmm ?


It may not be easy;  but it’s pretty simple, isn’t it?


I include here an excerpt from my ‘Talk 2’ (the entirety of which was offered earlier as a suggested reading) –


                                                             The Big Meeting


What if –   the people of two hundred years from now were to invite us to meet with them.  And our attendance was compulsory.  We have to go.  So we go to this Big Meeting.  It lasts a day, and has two parts.  In the morning part, everybody (all the ‘thens’ and all the ‘nows’) – we all meet (electronically) in the “same room”.  Their leaders will have some questions to put to us.  Questions like “What were you thinking?   Why did you abandon us?  You knew the importance of clean air and clean water.  How could you let it get so bad?  You knew of the importance of biodiversity.  Why did you permit the extermination of millions of species?  For money?   Really?”

The morning meeting will be fun compared to the afternoon session.  In the afternoon everyone will meet in small groups.  This will be our chance to meet (not electronically, but physically) with our direct descendants.  Face to face.  And in most cases genetic continuity  will be apparent.  They will look like our own family members.  (They are, of course.)  This could be a very tough day.

What will we be able to say to them?  To people with similar (family) mannerisms and physical features?  What will we do with their begging and weeping?  What if they’re really angry with us?

Are we going to just explain to them that we would have taken care of them … only   it would have been uncomfortable?  Or that we didn’t have time?  What will we be able to say to them?


Would we live our lives any differently if, say, every morning we were to spend some time imagining we’re at the Big Meeting?  Before we get out of bed in the morning?  If there were such a meeting, what would take place there?  How would it go? How would it make you feel?

Wanna try it?






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